Rain in my eyes

It was pouring rain when we came home,
and just inside the door, you kissed me
and took off your shoes, and wanted

to go back into the dounpour, but I
needed to change my pants, and then
you did, and the moment was lost,

though we tried to retrieve it
with a bright orange frisbee.


Filed under Musings, poetry

3 responses to “Rain in my eyes

  1. Brilliant.
    I love the slight innocence of it.

    Gosh, I need to find someone to kiss.

  2. this is a truely gorgeous, funny, honest little peice of scrumptious imagery.

    Are your spelling mistakes purposeful? I don’t mean this as a criticism it’s just that in your little description of the successful friend – The published – you spelt congratulated the same (wrong) way twice which made me think it wasn’t a typo. The truth is I quite like them so i hope they’re on purpose.

  3. analyticali

    This happened to me my sophomore year when i jump into mirror lake with “hot matt” and by the time we were dry enough to avoid fear of hypothermia, we were past the point where we almost would have could have kissed until eventually the cycle of one of us always dating someone else post-poned it for more than three years and the actual kiss was a huge disappointment.

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