The Published

This weekend, I ran into an old aquaintance of mine who i saw was published and won an award a few years back. I congradulated him on this. His instant question was, in a voice full of excitement, “Where did you find that?” I told him where nd he informed me that he has been teaching in a few different writer’s workshops and hanging around here and there. He told me that people congradulate him and he is always curious where they heard about it or saw it. I grinned. He did not as the awkward questions “so, do you still write,” as I would feel odd about asking it in his position, I’m sure he felt awkward asking it, too. Feeling inferior, I did not let him in on much that I have been up to, either. Oh, well. We weren’t really friend friends.

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One response to “The Published

  1. splitends

    I don’t have friends who have been published, nor have I ever aspired to be published myself, but I still think I can totally relate to this feeling. :/

    Your day will come. Not that you sounded particularly worried about it.

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