Late Night Grocery Run

We walk thru the doors and the lone cashier
at the u-scan station picks up the phone
to announce the store will close
in ten minutes. Our first selections will be

our last tonight, ny-quil and a jug of milk,
holding hands as we walk thru the aisles
where most of the lighs have already
been shut off. Later, back in our
bed, you will hold me while I drift

off to sleep, finally able to breathe.
But as we walk thru the store, as you
push the button to hear the directions
in spanish, ringing loud thru the desolate
quiet ghost village of high ceilings, fresh
fruit, and tile, your breathing is louder
than all else. Tomorrow, there will be work
and cleaning, but tonight there is just this stillness.


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3 responses to “Late Night Grocery Run

  1. a nice moment captured. “lighs” should be “lights” in line 7

  2. analyticali

    i was once the employee at that late hour… nice to think that the people we stayed open late for might have gone home and written great poetry.

  3. Thank you Brian. I tend to type these fast and I really miss the old spellcheck option!

    And Ali, good to see you liked it. I’ve forgotten which job you had that was at night?

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