An Open Letter to No-one

May 30, 2007

Are you man, or spectre,
or a sliver of rock? You could
be a sound that only I heard
late at night. I was watching
for you, but you never came,
and when my future lovers ask
about the time I spent with you,
I always lie. And now, I’ve no
for you any more. I’m pushing
you, who I spent so much
of my life with these past few
years to the side in favor
of more tangible companions.
I can’t even recall your face.

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Filed under lust and love, Musings, poetry

One response to “An Open Letter to No-one

  1. Right after reading the last line, I think I heard a hammer making swift contact with the last, very last nail. ^_^ I empathize. And yes, there is a distinct note of triumph there, in that final line. I sensed it. (Then again, maybe this is just me looking back on what this piece has reminded me of. Hmm.)


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