Yesterday, I ran four miles. I ran out to the deaf topiary gardens and back. Clouds were gathering over head. They were large and faded into a dark grey at their bottoms. It never rained.

I’ve not been running as much as usual lately. I’ve all the usual excuses, but really, I just needed break. I hope I’m ready to get back to it. I ran yesterday and tuesday, but now my ankle hurts. My ankles never hurt. grrrr. I’m making myself a little coffee. OK, a whole pot.

You see, I need to get myself back into gear so that I can run the Columbus Marathon again next year. So I can do better in it. You see, I ran it with bronchitis last year. It was HELL. I’m up and running again.

There are so many ways that people run. At least I’m not running emotionally.

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One response to “Run

  1. LK

    At least you’re not running emotionally. You’ll do fine…

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