It’s summer. It’s nice and hot outside. I’ve been tired lately, looking for a new begenning. I’ve been pooling thoughts for new poems. This usually happens to me. Winter is very productive, summer is slow. There’s too much going on, and I can’t focus to write about things.

I’ve been pooling ideas for a poem:

a woman gives birth to a crystal ball
a marble heart in an actual chest cavity
finding things
vortexes, whirlpools, black holes

in other words, I’m getting nothing done. I have been applying for new jobs, though. Jobs working in grants. We’ll see…

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One response to “GAAAA!

  1. hey, want visitors to distract you further? heh. we got a new car and we’re antsy to use it. not sure it could be arranged anytime -soon,- but if nothing else, we’re thinking about hitting Cincy at some point this summer, and you’re on the way…

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