Ahhh, sleeping in on a day off

I have a few days off of work. Last night, I looked at LK and said, “Tomorrow, I’m going to get up early to run.” At 11:30, she looked at me and said, “Hey, it’s 11:30.” Oh well. The road to hell and all.

Kickball has started back up. This year looks pretty promising. We (orange crush) won our first game. It’s been sunny all week, and now the rain is starting. It is lovely. Soon, the iris in my front yard will bloom. I wondered what LK was doing when she bolted when I took the computer. Now, I see that she is cleaning.

The story is at a stale mate. I’m going to apply to OSU’s MFA program I think. Anyone know anyone I can contact. Myself, I know no one.

Last night, LK created a facebook page for me. She said that she wanted to put a link on hers saying that she is in a relationship with me. My page looks lonely, because she is my only friend, and this little list keeps telling me what we did with it yesterday. Oh, well…

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One response to “Ahhh, sleeping in on a day off

  1. LK

    According to YOU, I’ve cleaned everything except one sq. ft. of your house. So NOT true, this will always be our infamous debate.

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