Don’t read anything into this

When you find or don’t find
something, anything, of mine –
letters from ex lovers or friends,
journals, old grocery lists –
don’t read this rabble.
Into this, you’ll read anything

you want, searching, as you must,
thru your past and afixing it
to the artifacts of mine,
you’ll wonder if I love you
as much as I did the man
I wanted to kill muyself over, why
my bills so often go unpaid.

These words I say before
leading you thru the door
of my house, kissing you with
my back pressed against the kitchen
counterthen pulling you
into my bed. This preface
to letting you into my life;
before telling you about
the call last week from
an old flame, before telling
you about the man I selpt with
days before we met. I hate

these words, this prelude
to every end I’ve ever
met – but don’t read anything into this.

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One response to “Don’t read anything into this

  1. I love it… It speaks to me and makes me smile. I feel the exact same thing about new relationships!

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