Please send out HOPE

Last night, a co-worker of mine collapsed in a class that she takes after work every day. She had had a brain annurism and is now in the hospital on life support. She is bleeding into her brain and they can’t figure out where it is coming from. My thoughts are with her today, and I am asking all 20 or so of you to think about her and wish for her and her family in what ever way that you do, as well.

This woman has been in social services for a lot of her career, and has worked hard to make the lives of others better. Stress hit her hard, but she never let it stop her from doing her best provide services to people who really needed them. I am praying today that I will be able to continue learning from her for years to come.


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3 responses to “Please send out HOPE

  1. tiki

    *good thoughts*

  2. What a tragedy. Sending good thoughts and prayers.

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