Lvoe poem

Another new search, and here is the poem for them:

He’s been wondering
what the emptiness
in his belly means.

Everytime she fixes
red rice and beans
the spice and salt
cover this void, but
when she leaves

in the morning, this
feeling hollows
him out again.

She’s been his cook
for a year and a half,
and whenever he writes
her name, he switches

the letters around. He paid
her no mind until the night
she showed up in a shirt

low cut to a v above
her ample cleavage; a red
mark just over the cleft,
a tiny zit teased his eye.

Later that night, he took
her to bed for the first time
and popped it. She didn’t

understand, with all his money,
with his famous name, she’d become
the one he wanted because
she cooked for him as

his mother never did. She never
knew that he couldn’t spell
her name on checks because no one

ever taught him how to spell love.


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2 responses to “Lvoe poem

  1. analyticali

    I love this! I can see it so clearly and feel it so strongly even though it’s entirely outside my realm.

  2. This is such a great poem.
    So innocent and lovely
    it’s super super super.

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