I went…

to a reading last night. I read a brand new poem and one that is posted here: un petit morte. I was told that when I read the latter, I should include a preamble. I tend to want my work to stand on its own. I want to let people listen to it and try to understand it with their own lives and concerns in play. However, everyone would have laughed a lot more if I’d told them that this is a french euphamism for an orgasm.


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4 responses to “I went…

  1. john

    Sometimes things are better unexplained.
    But… uh… shouldn’t it be “une petite mort”… ?

  2. splitends

    After reading this, I smiled when I saw the line you submitted at poetrythursday.

    Also, you go to poetry readings and read your stuff there: two more reasons I am in awe of you.

  3. “Small death” — 🙂

    They’re wonderful!

    I invite you to stop by my writing and art site, I’m just getting it started. I have less than 5% of my work up. I will get back to uploading soon.

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