Second Prize

is definately not last when there is also a third prize. I won second in the Redding Prize from Larry’s Poetry Forum. I got the notification today. Now a pal is making me a celebratory dinner. I submitted three poems, and the reading for the winners will be on May 7th at Larry’s Bar on OSU’s campus. Congrats to me!!!!!

(and a special thank you to dear LK for pushing me to enter)


Filed under Musings, poetry

6 responses to “Second Prize

  1. Yay!!!!!
    Well done you.
    Which poems did you enter, if you don’t mind me asking?

  2. Not at all,
    Joan, Casual Sex, and Morning After Pill were the poems I sent.

  3. Hurrah! Congratulations 🙂

  4. slynne, you deserve it!

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