Ghetto Library

One room, the size of a fast
food resteraunt dining area,
and people waiting for
the next broken computer

to become available. Books
dog eared and tired line shelves
out of order, and magazines
like Ebony and Cosmo
fly off the shelves
and out the door without

going thru the check out.
What is here but the runoff
of knowledge offered so
poorly to those who
need it most.


Filed under Musings, poetry, poetry thursday, writing

6 responses to “Ghetto Library

  1. ‘Books … out of order’ is my favorite line.

  2. Reminds me of college. Runoff of knowledge was my favorite phrase in this.

  3. I especially liked the phrase, the runoff of knowledge

  4. Beautifully written social commentary.

  5. This is wonderful. Simple, calm, yet scathing in its commentary.

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