Without a Name

Covered and coveted,
you are hidden almost
all the time. Only a few

people will ever see
or appreciate the warmth
and beauty that

imminates from the folds
the compose you. Once,
I felt your warmth

and knew that I would
return here, that this
is where I will live.


Filed under lust and love, poetry, poetry thursday

9 responses to “Without a Name

  1. I suppose it’s warmer than a house…

  2. how sad I think of a bed for sleeping…instead of what I guess is NOT the meaning of this poem. All I can think..is I love my pillow.

  3. yeah I like it too, “this is where I will live”, nice.

  4. I especially liked the last stanza. Beautiful.

  5. splitends

    Ahhh… lovely. I like “Covered and coveted.” And it makes me want to go snuggle in my bed… very nice.

  6. Covered and coveted. I liked the nice images those two word conjured in my mind.

  7. Lovely poem, I see there are no real guesses. I was thinking poetry and I am probably way off. I love the ending.

  8. Of course I think the bed/house/pillow thing pops out first, but I like Chris’ idea that it could be poetry. Well, guessing aside, I really liked it. It evoked the emotion it described, the warm, “I’m at home” feeling.

    The pic at the top is actually the title of the poem I wrote for last week’s PT prompt!

  9. I enjoyed this, I was thinking something entirely different, but the ending made me think ‘bed’/

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