Spelling lesson

Over pie
talk of strings
she spells out love
hands dance like birds


Filed under lust and love, poetry

7 responses to “Spelling lesson

  1. Enjoying this site. Talk of strings? maybe I understand that, maybe i don’t…nice sounding, though.

  2. LK

    Strings of the heart….

  3. analyticali

    i like it. it reminds me of john mayer’s “quick game of chess with a salt and pepper shaker” because i can see it but i know it means more. your picture is infinitly better.

  4. What a pretty, simple, honest, sweet and lovely poem. I woudl give that poem to someone as a gift, had I written it. Nice!

  5. It really is quite lovely.

  6. I thought you were talking about playing the violin, or cello (talking strings?)

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