I’m lost to you

She woke one morning with the words
floating in a flat paper bubble
above her head. She suddenly

noticed: she is no longer her own.
She had known it in her arms,
her legs, her skin all week bubbled
and tingled without any coaxing,

and her mind finaly caught up today
to the yearnings of the rest of her.


Filed under lust and love, Musings, poetry, poetry thursday

7 responses to “I’m lost to you

  1. I like how you link the mind catching up to your body yearnings.

  2. I love the flat paper bubble. And that she kind of felt it all week. And the last stanza too. Yes, I like the whole thing a lot.

  3. splitends

    I was definitely drawn into this and felt empathy for the subject. I too think the flat paper bubble floating abover her head is a superb image.

    I love it–sure hope she gets herself back!

  4. Just my kind of poetry. She was not she.

    In-between state of consciousness

  5. Lk

    I don’t think she wants herself back….

  6. Thank you all for your words. I find the differing interpretations interesting.

    and lk, you could easily be right…

  7. This is excellent, short and succinct and says a lot. I really like the image of the word bubble….

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