Poetry Readings

Last night, I went to a poetry reading at Larry’s bar. The main reader for the night was fantabulous. I’ll edit this later to include her name.

I read there, too. I haven’t read in a long time. I love going to readings, but I know that at a reading there are two types of poets: Audio poets and written poets. I am a written poet. I find that it is easier to be good as a written poet. People accept that they are listening to your words, seeing your images thru your choices. I don’t have the extra pressure to preform tat the Audion Poet does.

I think that as far as readings go, it is far easier to bomb as a Audio Poet. Sometimes, people try too hard, too many long pauses, too many emphasised words. Sometimes, there are too many sound effects: where the poet uses a spound or slap to emphasise their work. Last night was good, though. I really love the readings at Larry’s because there is a certain vibe there. It’s a little, hole in the wall style bar where poetry rules Monday nights. If you were in there any other night, you’d have no idea what the place was capable of, but then it explodes with loveliness.

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