Valentine’s Heart

It’s just a little, an incosequential
thing, a blip on the radar, the beat

of a heart so light but stubborn beneath

the surface of skin. It stopped one day
for you, it stops all the time for

reasons unknown. It stops for its own

pleasure, it stops for my pain. Once,
she said my skin was so soft at the base

of my throat, just above that treacherous

organ. (and hearing it stoped it, to.) How
little a thing to cause so much in the span

of a life: It also stops to bring me death.


Filed under lust and love, Musings, poetry, poetry thursday

2 responses to “Valentine’s Heart

  1. jen

    I didn’t have a good valintines day either. Hope everything gets better for you


  2. Hello there. Actually, this poem isn’t about my valentines day. I just started out with that first line and knew the format it needed to fit, I’ve been playing with this stanza set up for a few weeks now. This is just what became of the experiment.

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