A day of change

I woke this morning feeling… Distant. And then my day began. I weighed myself and discovered that I am still losing weight too fast (goddamn stress). I flirted with the coffee shop girl (one of these days, I’ll go in not early and give her my number). I wrote a poem in my head. I made a serious dent in my case notes. I helped a person realize that she can write her own resume. I made another realize that the whole world was not set against her, and helped her get her welfare case straightened out. I lead another person in her quest to lose her fear of technology. I directed another to books that could tempt his teenage son back into reading. I began to see the evolution of my career. I came home early, I did yoga. I wrote letters. I got a call from a friend and met her at the north market. I fell in insta-love with a chocolatier with the most sensously joyful eyes I’ve ever seen.

With every instant, I was brought closer back to myself. I think I’ve arrived. Tomorrow, I will be getting up early… at 4:30 am. I will be calling a client at 5 and then driving to her house. I will look at what she is wearing. I will take her out for coffee. I will check her breath for alcahol, I will look at her eyes for dialation. I will be discreet. I will ask her where she needs to report to work at within the store. I will ask her what she needs to accomplish today. I will drop her off at the door at 6. Tomorrow, I will not just be an instructor. I will be a job coach.


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2 responses to “A day of change

  1. Reminds me of your poem “Atlas” which I love so much. It’s one of the best poems I’ve ever read.

  2. I like how you end with those affirming “I will” statements.

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