Corpse Pose

Yoginis are better than lovers – (a bumper sticker)

They’ve stood behind you, pulling at your hips with a towel until your feet raise off the floor. They’ve demanded that you twist and flex yourself into pose after pose. Now, your body glazed in a sheen of sweat, they ask you to lie on the floor while they dim the lights. If you need a pillow or a blanket, they are there to meet your needs. They coo calming words and mantras. They help you restore.


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8 responses to “Corpse Pose

  1. Jim

    Terrific poem for today’s prompt: perfectly titled, and so much about having worked the body and then coming to a full, prayerful rest–and yes, it operates being about life, love, and sex.

  2. Melissa

    I love that this is about yoga…I just started doing it myself, and I actually live quite near Rodney Yee’s studio. I won’t dare go though. I can’t bear the exposure. I’ll just take my DVD and my apartment carpet and have at those impossible stretches.

    On a PT note: I lvoe ths poem, not simply because I just started yoge, but also, because it is a very strong prose poem. Nice work!

  3. splitends

    I am no expert (at all), but I think this is one of the best prose poems I’ve read from the PT selection. I may not be able to write one, but I think I can identify a successful one, and this is it! I love that in such a short piece, you touch on life, love, and death/rest, but it’s still so simple–just marvelous.

    Also, I read a few of your other posts, and felt like I could relate–I recently fell in love with Millay, though with similar reservations, and I’ve been under the weather, etc… but your writing is awesome, which means you’re a better version of me. 😉 I will definitely be back to read more!

  4. I really liked this. Well done.

  5. Very good. It speaks out.


  6. Every word counts here – you say so much with such perfect brevity. Very nice.

  7. Hello all. I tried to send you all a response that was long and involved earlier, but it didn’t post.

    Oh, well, Thank you all, and I’ll be reading thru tomorrow…

  8. You have captured my yoga experience perfectly. And the cool thing is, I never realized how sexual it is. Wow! I was just trying to get it right.

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