I have a feeling
that I’m not sure
how to express.

I’ve started this poem
a dozen times today
in my head. But I get

to a point, and recall
the sound of a voice,
the feel of a warm

palm on my skin,
and it all seems
wrong. I’ve trouble

writing your beauty,
the yearning I feel
for you is scented

like amarynth and
ocean, and that place
in the woods

where you found my heart.


Filed under lust and love, Musings, poetry

5 responses to “How…

  1. Naughty Heather

    Beautiful – absolutely beautiful!

  2. True.
    And presumably everyone’s going to say
    “I know how you feel”
    but let me be the first.

    It touched my heart.

  3. LOVE the last two stanzas!

  4. Thank you, all. I’ve been trying to find a way to put the word “amarynth” into a poem for a while now. I recently decided it was the best word ever.

  5. You have a knack for getting to the heart of something in few & perfectly chosen words. The first stanza really drew me in. Nice!

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