Thoughts on a Snow Day

It has been snowing. I want to put on a heavy coat and multiple layers of clothing and make snow angels. Maybe a little snow family, or a snow shar pei. I wonder if it’ll wiggle it’s eyebrows.

However, I am at work today, and the sparkly stuff is all turning to mush. How I wish that mental health agencies offered snow days. The roads where I live are still coated in a dense sludge. The main streets aren’t too hot, either.

But the parks are great looking. Sure, there are footprints and dog tracks and what not, but I just wish I could spend this sunny, snow coated afternoon lying on my back, gazing up at the clearing sky, and wishing for all sorts of things.

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One response to “Thoughts on a Snow Day

  1. alice

    At least you have snow. I have endured bitter cold for three weeks in nyc and we’ve never had more than a millimeter of the white stuff on the ground at a time all winter.

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