Changes and Poetry Thursday

Poetry Thursday opened a site of their very own this week, and it is wonderful. In appreciation, here is a poem about change…


She tugged at the corners and then rolled
the thin, limp fabric into a ball. As she hoisted
it off the bed, it fluttered with the sound
of new winds. She tossed it into the basket

and sent it off to the laundry before
pulling crisp new cotton out of a closet.

She streatched across the bed to tuck
the corners in, paying close attention
to the smooth surface she creates, the sharp
fold at each corner. Later, there will be time

for homework, later she can get out of this
apron but for now, she’s changing the sheets.


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8 responses to “Changes and Poetry Thursday

  1. i didn’t think about changing the sheets! great surprising take on the prompt!

  2. After you left a comment for me I realized I hadn’t seen a poem from you this week…Here it is though – how did I miss it?

    Anyway, this is a great take on change…I saw only one other differentiation from the usual (metaphysical) change: a pocket of coins. This is interesting because changing the sheets can have so many interpretations, even if you are simply literally changing them.

    I really love the final couplet, too.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. This is wonderful – the writing is crisp and clean, just like the new sheets.

  4. Beautiful writing, I like how you focus on this ordinary moment. I loved the detail of the person changing the sheets not yet doing homework. Really lovely work.

  5. Now this great! I will not look at changing sheets as a chore next time I do it!

  6. I love poetry that focuses on the ordinary and you picked a great topic here for this weeks prompt.

  7. Yes! Poetry of the ordinary. Again, you with words that do something, as I teach my young writers, strong words, not couch potatoes! I never thought of changing the sheets as “change.” I love this poem. (And for whatever reason, any poem with an apron in it!)

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