Timely Searches

I had a first date on friday. It went really well. And today, I checked my blog, and what has someone found me with but this little gem. (I’ve noticed that any search that includes the words so, think, and you finds this site.) It’s a little early to start wondering, but…

So, how long do you think this will last

The first date ended, as all first dates do, and they are left to ponder what happened. They retreat to their respective corners to allow interest and desire to grow. Things went so well, maybe too well. They ponder the rate at which perfection slips away. What is the half life on lust and yearning? Without dissipation, they are left to ponder, and to search for an answer, not how long can it last, there are too many answers for that. What they want from google is: How long will it last?


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4 responses to “Timely Searches

  1. “What is the half life on lust and yearning?”
    I wish I’d written that.

  2. some boy seems to think
    you have nothing to worry about.
    four is only a number,
    not like a mole,
    which i’ve found,
    (with the help of a girl
    who seems to glow in the snow)
    can be many things.
    four is only a number,
    and entirely too small
    to equal the number of times
    he feels your hand in his.

  3. Cinema: I, too, really like that line, if I do say so myself. Because of that, I have been checking to see if I stole it from anyone, which is a possibility. (on accident, of course)

    And, Buddah: Thank you, thank you, this is lovely and beautiful, and I see an acorn swaying, too.

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