Thank You for letting me…

This is a poem not by me, but by a blogging pal. You know the ones, people you’ve never met whose blogs you really like to read and who read your blog, too. People who you connect with on the written word plane. I know him as zaphodfreek.

He dedicated this poem to me on my birthday because I asked, because I loved it. I love it because love is centered in the nasal cavity, because the ones you love have a ceratin scent.

Sniff. Blink. Smile.
January 3rd, 2007

Everywhere I went today
you were with me.

Not in body
but in scent.
You were up to your elbows in nasal mucus.
Appologies about the head cold and the horrible image.
But you can make anything

You were everywhere I looked.
Swimming through my Vitreous humour.
Every turning head was yours.
Every wayward curl hiding that smile.
Oh that smile.

Everywhere I went today
you were there.
You are here.
Oh how I wish you were
here now.

–This poem is officially dedicated to slynne.
Thanks for the kind words and Happy Birthday.


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3 responses to “Thank You for letting me…

  1. alice

    someone slept here on wednesday. he’d slept over before when i lived somewhere else. his smell is perfection. before i could fall asleep on thursday, i had to find all of the traces of his smell in my room. the smell of tea tree oil and yoga and growing up in the projects but now washed and cleaned. even with a cold, i found the olfactory shadow of his presence.

  2. It’s just like that.

    Thanks for the kind words slynne

  3. Thanks, again. I really love this poem and wanted to share it with everyone I know.

    And Alice: Ditto, especially today when I walked into my house after running errands and lay with my head on his pillow and sniffed and sniffed his scent: Soap, pre-school teacher, goodness, kindness, weak in the knees cologne. It’s not love (or at least not yet, who knows a month or so down the line), but it’s good.

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