Mathematical Poetry Thursday

Bounded Function

A function with a range that is a bounded set. The range must have both an upper bound and a lower bound.

I kissed you like infinity, loved you
like the randomness exhibited by pi.

But we were a more complex math,
we needed more knowledge than either

of us had the skill for. I work in words,
and you don’t work at all, and together

we were beyond geometry or even trig.
Together, we’d wandered into the realm

of calculus. When we spoke to eachother
lovingly, we created a curve lovely and perfect

but the function that created it had limits
limits on highs and lows we could streatch

our love to, and, Icharian in nature, we
traveled far far too high, beyond the bounds

of this function we created.

**I am dedicating this one to my blogging friend, zaphodfreek, whose poetry and poetic comments I love to read every day…


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15 responses to “Mathematical Poetry Thursday

  1. Nice work! This was a fun prompt, wasn’t it? I loved you like the randomness exhibited by pi is a great line (among other great lines!)

  2. “Function we created…”

    creative thoughts…

  3. i thought this
    was full
    of wonderfullness…

    so many things i liked about it

  4. I feel a sadness. The thought that love has boundaries, no matter the good intentions.

    Love the poem.


  5. Yes, there does seem to be a sense of fated-ness with this poem… but it’s so hopeful at the same time. Really lovely…

  6. beautiful, beautiful writing

  7. …trip over your trope a bit in places and needs ironing out… but touches on a kind of beauty in places “we created a curve lovely and perfect”…

  8. fondakowski

    This is a very good poem – the lyrical beauty it what draws me most – excellent images.

  9. Melancholy and beautiful – I love the idea of “Icharian in nature”


  10. Love and fate as complicated calculus. Excellent.

  11. I love this poem.
    It makes me feel warm and a little sad
    and (unfortunately) I can relate.

    Honestly, I’m such a loser because I understood all that maths too. Have you been raiding old maths text books?

    Remember the little present I garnered you with?
    Want to return the favour?
    If not, at least it’s still here for me to read.

  12. Hey there, of course I will dedicate this one to you.
    I did not need to raid math books, as I happen to be a linguistic genious who recalls all these sorts of things.
    Is it your birthday?

  13. And thank you to everyone, I loved this poetry thursday and the chance it gave us to be all math nerdy…

  14. Great job with the prompt. One of the best I’ve seen so far. Wonderful!

  15. Thanks slynne
    it’s magic.

    Nope, not my birthday,
    that was way back in September.
    I just love this poem.

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