I am ok. I have no reason not to be. I’ve had a quiet day. Very quiet. I’ve been meaning to vacuum for about a week, but I still haven’t today. I did run, though. And I went to the grocery store.

At the grocery store, I got a big shock. For those of you who don’t really know me the person, I work for a health care non-profit. This is important because I get health benifits, and our plan is a medical mutual plan. Today, I learned to actually hate this insurance company.

I went to fill my perscription for birth control, and I was informed by the friendly pharmacist that it was not covered at all by my insurance. WHAT? If I had been getting viagra, I bet they’d have covered that. Or those quit smoking losenges. But birth control? No way they’ll let me have sex without paying for it for the rest of my life.

I don’t get it, should I just not be responsible and quit taking the durn things. They cost $50 every month. And 7 of them are fucking placeboes. That’s more than $2 a day to be able to have sex without worrying. I use condoms and all, but all you need to do is read the poem I wrote about the morning after pill to know that I don’t have the best faith in them. God damn it, I’m not even having sex just now. Shit shit shit.

When will insurance companies wizen up and awknowledge that helping women pay for birth control leads to lower yearly numbers of:

A) abortions
B) abandoned babies
C) welfare mothers
D) women losing their jobs because they were preggers

As for that last one, I have reason to believe that if I were to accidentally get pregnant and carry a child to term, I would lose my job. Fuck you and your antiquated policy, med mutual. I will be living off of bread and water for the next week because I am hoping to have sex again one day and you do not support my right to do that.


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3 responses to “OK

  1. crazy, crazy, crazy…I had a friend who worked for a Catholic hospital and birth control wasn’t covered on her insurance…I thought it was b/c of the Catholic thing. You’d hardly believe this could happen in 2007. It would be interesting to find out what other medications they don’t “cover” and how they determine it.

  2. alice

    I do know slynne in real life, and what is particularly distressing is the parenthetical she left out of this story: a month ago we found out that the boss of a mutual friend of ours not only took maternity leave, but got sick leave as well. This is most annoying since she works for a large clothing corporation and is not in the business of saving the world like slynne and me, but she is amply rewarded for getting pregnant (and probably has her birthcontrol covered by her insurance as well).

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