Why I love poetry (in 153 words or less)

Because it is the only way I can articulate myself. I love it for it’s sparseness. In a few short lines, a poem can say what a thousand pages of prose can. And poems are accessible. If you read a poem and you don’t agree with it’s message, that poem can still be good. I read once somewhere, perhaps on a blog linked to Poetry Thursday, that poetry can become a part of you in a way that no other writing can. I agree with this whole heartedly. This is why I love poetry.

My heart is not made of muscle or spun sugar, my heart is made of words. The ink is so thick that paper is not needed. It is a heart made of character and sound and velocity.


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14 responses to “Why I love poetry (in 153 words or less)

  1. Amazing last paragraph! I am going to mention this at my blog because I love the way you describe poetry as a part of your body.

  2. Poetry does reach down into us, doesn’t it? Through our bodies and into our souls… this was just lovely.

  3. I LOVE that your heart is made of WORDS, an ink so thick you don’t need paper!

  4. blackbank

    The last paragraph is indeed a gem. You should turn it into a longer poem. BB

  5. Thank you all. I really appreciate the feedback.

    Sara: I visited your blog and tried to thank you kindly there, but couldn’t as your comments are set only to accept fellow bloggers. I love the site idea, though.

    Regina: I agree that poetry reaches in and finds the place where body and soul meet.

    Pepek and blackbank: the last paragraph was originally the first before I rearranged things to make this fit into the 153 word limit. I like the shortness. Thanks

  6. deb

    Yes, yes–and how you start that last stanza with “muscle and spun sugar”, wonderful indeed! I particulary love the image of a heart being spun sugar. Fabulous.

  7. fondakowski

    I agree with you so much – and love this post…thanks!

  8. the first paragraph I agree with totally. the second is pure poetry.

  9. What a coincedence.
    That’s why I love poetry too!


  10. Thank you all, again, for the kind notes. I have taken the advice here and turned the last paragraph into a poem, which I am submitting to a poetry journal this week. Wish it luck as it wings along on a stamp and a dream.

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