Dear Readers,

This is a formal letter of aplogy. Lately, the work here has not been up to par. I like to set a high bar for this site, or blog, or whatever (or I like to pretend that I do), and lately I’ve not been getting over it.

By way of the usual excuses: work has been stressful, my cat is crazy, and I usually post the stuff that I write that isn’t really good enough to try to publish. Lately, the spell check on here hasn’t been working.

They’re all just excuses, though. So, I am sorry. I will try harder. I will write more short stories about the google searchers who find me, I will not use this site to talk to old lovers from ancient history, and I will try to write better poetry. Try try try. I will live up to my own standards, and yours.

Love and whatnot:

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One response to “Dear Readers,

  1. At least you write it anyway 🙂 I tend to just not write at all if I don’t think it will be any good which doesn’t really solve anything but only means I end up watching multiple nights of American Idol. As I said…does not solve anything…

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