Up and running

Well, people, I think the time is upon me. As of this afternoon, I am officially budgeting to get the fuck out of Ohio. Everyone else has left or is leaving, even the newest of my friends is gearing up to leave. Now, it’s my turn.

But where, oh, where? Where should I go. I’ve been asking, and here are the suggestions I’ve had so far:

New York
Providence, RI
Washington State
Washington D.C.

What do you all think? Where should a little fiction/poetry writer like me go? And what can I do once I get there (besides write)? I think I want a “little job” I want to cook or clean or just hang out for a living for a while. Right now, work has my brain running at a thousand miles per hour. I’ve been experiencing ehaustion again, and I need to heal a little. I’m dehydrated and I’m anxious, and every little thing sets me laughing, or crying, or raging. There is a city full of a thousand little me’s in my belly, and they are rioting with joy and anger and feeling.

I guess I can say that I’m definately numb no longer, so that’s a plus at least…


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6 responses to “Up and running

  1. Yay to no more numbness!
    I agree with the ‘little work’ idea.
    Something perhaps in music or book store or a little cafe or restaurant would suit me down to the ground, so maybe there’s some ideas.
    Can’t help with the whole ‘where’ thing:
    I’ve never been to the US afore.
    Oh well.


  2. heh heh heh, well… I know a great hippie-run coffee shop that’s always hiring…

  3. Ahhh, Tiki… Pittsburgh, huh? I wonder how much they pay at this coffee shop, and how much your couch would be to rent for a few weeks, heh heh heh

  4. The couch (or even the spare room, if we’re feeling generous, hee hee) would be free. The coffee shop… well, not sure what it pays, but my good friend is the assistant manager. She was gonna hire me if my current PT library gig didn’t happen, so it can’t be too bad.

    So… yeah, I know, it’s Pittsburgh… but if you really can’t take it any more, give us a call!

  5. alice

    I would say new york… but then i would think and say brooklyn… and i would think about the article i read in a columbia alumni magazine about the girl who just won the booker prize and how for as much as she loved new york, she needed to escape to write. here in the city you are omnipresently exposed to writing and topics to write about. we have so many bookstores and coffee shops and amazing periodicals and anyone who is simultaneously alone and not moving is reading. when you sit down to write the substantial stuff though, you find yourself being pulled by the city constantly or you fall into a comfortable writing vacuum that makes it very hard to feel the city anymore which is unsettling in itself.

    most of all, i can’t promise how long i’ll be here to offer you couches and hugs. so empirically, i’d say boston (which offers much of new york but at a pace slow enough to stop and think in more frequently and more academic types to bounce ideas off of), washington state because it’s unlike anything else, or montana because you can afford to live there with the tiniest job.

  6. I don’t know about the places on your list since I’m more familiar with the south.
    You may want to consider Austin, Texas and New Orleans, LA. The job market is excellent there and housing is very affordable. Most of all, though, both towns are full of writers and artists.

    I know how you feel about being stuck where you live. I’ve been saying forever, a few more months and I’m outta here. Many many years later, I am still here.

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