You keep searching

As you may know, I like to write little stories about the search terms that find me. Here are two from this morning:

I think I’m in lust
I think I am, too. But not just lust. While that is there, I also want this person to be a friend. I want to chat and have fun and write each other letters once the lust is gone. Really, I suppose this is a crush. There is concern on the other end of this little thing that I am being used or taken advantage of somehow, but I argue that I have my eyes open, and I am learning a lot. It’s good for me.

I hate that you are so numb… I love you
I feel so bad for this person. I have been on both ends of this nasty little equation. He is in love with a woman who has been hurt too often. She lets him fix the little things in her life passively. She ignores his passion and fervent declarations. He tells her he loves her, and she scoffs. Slowly, the frustration grows and overshadows the sweeter feelings. He can see how it is possible to need the person you hate.


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3 responses to “You keep searching

  1. I love when you do this! It’s so strange the things people search for… Now I feel bad for the woman who loves the numb man, too.

  2. Hello, Nova. Thanks for the comment. I don’t know if I posted anything, but I really loved your letters to the world the other day.

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