Into Hell

I brought you back to life
once, reached into the depths
and pried you out of hell
without the aid of lute or lyre.

I led the way then, but don’t
make me do it again. If you ask
I’ll let my heart beat for both
of us, I’ll put this lonely comfort
aside again – but with reluctance

knowing, this time, what it costs
to be a personal savior. There will be
a sea change drifting, drawing
a glaze and nightmare. You’ve only to ask,

I’ll do what I can.


Filed under Frustrations and Rants, lust and love, Musings, poetry, writing

4 responses to “Into Hell

  1. I don’t know what to say. I’m speechless.
    This was amazing.

  2. Self-sacrifice…ain’t it peachy.

  3. It’s a really good poem slynne.

    I’ve found more good poetry on here than I have in all the poetry books I’ve ever read.
    It’s so real.

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