Cliche poetry

An odd prompt for poetry thursday this week. I think, as I am still a deveolping writer, I tend to write in cliche’s a lot. As a matter of fact, I’ve been writing about sex a lot lately which is over done. And love poetry too, is overly done. The first poem I’m posting is about a saying, a french saying, I think. And I do believe I’m spelling it wrong. Anyway, you’ll get it…

Un Petit Morte

It was a saying
he loved – its tripping
way of flipping
off the toungue,
its hidden meanting
a little death never
hurt anyone.

The other poem is about sex, too…

Casual Sex

I’m placing my faith
in casual sex,
the rub of bodies

the momentary cling.
Oh joy of not having
to endure sleeping

arrangements. I can handle
not knowing if I am
the only one, I know

I’m not. Above all
I ‘ve faith in sweat
and tangible bodily fluids.

I believe you when
you make that noise,
when you kiss me and walk

to the door,
when you say goodbye.


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10 responses to “Cliche poetry

  1. Is sex ever cliche? Perhaps what we say before, during and after. Hmmm. Perhaps it can be. This is thought provoking.

  2. Cliche’d subjects don’t tend to bother me — there’s always a new way to write about it — but cliche’d phrases really grate my cheese. They smack of unoriginality and laziness.

  3. Jon

    I really love “Casual Sex” (the poem . . . or . . . whatever). I particularly like the very literal ways in which your narrator tries to simplify the relationship. It’s as if he or she (I’ll use “she” just for consistency’s sake) has started with the complex mess of most relationships and worked backwards like the most precise and careful of philosophers to find some universally agreed-upon starting point upon which to build an argument. What she finds that she can finally believe in are the physical motions of sex and the good-bye (wonderful, wonderful ending by the way).

    Instead of trying, then, to work forward from that, she just accepts it as how it should be. So the poem is kind of funny, but also sad. And I think most of us have considered taking up residence right where this narrator is ourselves.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  4. fondakowski

    This is such a sweet poem (the second – I love the first too) and the sound is amazing too – I think people ran with the possibility of converting cliche to rhyme and other sound tricks…I wonder if, deep down, subconsciously, we consider rhyming poetry cliche? Hmmmmm…

  5. I like the 2nd poem best.

  6. whereas I am particular to the first.

    note: I originally typed: “whereas I am particular to the fist”.

  7. I enjoyed reading these poems. I agree with clutch, there is always a new way to write about what has become a cliched subject (love or sex for example), though it takes more work. Cliched phrases though, are a no-go in writing unless you can subvert them. End rhymes have sadly become a bit of a cliche in poetry too.

  8. The line “tripping way of flipping off the tongue” just won’t get out of my head now that it’s in there. Love that.

    I also love the second poem – and it rings particularly true because I’ve had so many of those same thoughts in my own mind lately. The poem is like the arrangement: simple, short, sweet.

  9. Nasty Nate

    That was pure shit.

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