Chris Jacob

A notch of his ear is missing.
a rat ate it while he slept as a baby,
that’s what he told me. He
lies all the time. I wake

to a note: I took your cigarettes
and purple lighter, find me
when you need them.
He’s left his dirty socks.

Getting angry with him
is smacking the hand
of a four year old
reaching to be held,

so I smile and try to keep
my eye from twitching
when he tells me
I’m beautiful at a party.

* Thanks to the actual Chris Jacob, for whom I wrote this poem years ago after he took advantage of my sweet gullibility to convince me (for all of five drunken minutes) that his dog was blind. I asked before posting.


Filed under lust and love, Musings, poetry

3 responses to “Chris Jacob

  1. That’s a lovely poem.
    I like it so much that
    I’m posting it on my Favouréd Poems page,
    if that’s okay with you?


  2. Alo,
    I would be honored. Especially if I can link to in a post, too….

  3. Then it is a deal.
    I’m happy now.

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