All is right…

This weekend, I took my first Yoga class since college. I had forgotten how much I enjoy yoga. I usually like to be on my own to exercize. Running for instance, I sort of hate running with other people. I recently dated someone who liked to go running with me, or who went running with me (he may not have liked it, especially now that we are over). Yoga is different, though. There is a sence of aloneness even in a room packed with other streatching, sweaty people. Where I am going, Ashtanga yoga is taught in a room that is set at 85. When you lay down afterward, and they dim the lights, and you have a nice layer of sweat, and you lay there and you feel supported and safe, like being back inthe womb. You feel like you are nothing but light and energy. Floating in amniotic fluids.

In other news… I went to help a dear friend pick out a desk for her new office. I loved it. Another friend of ours had given her heck about how it wouldn’t be what her clients expected, as it is wicker and has thick metal legs that fold up beneath it. I liked it a lot. I think it has a great presence, because it has another shelf. Anyway, we took it to her office, I enjoyed the way that I’ve been watching her space progress and evolve. It makes me feel like I am participating in her dreams.

Soon, I will post a complete review of Love Walked In, which I adored. Things are happening, I may be falling in love. Don’t ask, just accept. Don’t worry, dear readers, this love cannot hurt anyone. I’m in love with a fictional character. A character in a book.

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