Gumball Poetry Thursday

For this week, we have all been charged with getting onto the gumball poetry website and reading or posting a poem.  In a really simplified manner, Gumball Poetry is an organization that provides gumball machines that do a little more.  Each machine dispenses a poem along with it’s gumball.  There is also a website that randomly generates poetry.  You can also go order little gumball poetry kits in case you are far, far, far from a gumball poetry machine.  This website also lets you submit poetry, and they appear to have a gummy poetry journal.   I really like this project, because I think it makes poetry more appealing to masses of people.  Who doesn’t like gumballs?  Everyone loves the durn things, so give people something really good for their intellect to chew on with all that sugar.

I went there for poetry thursday this week and got…

The Tin Man by Tracy Mendham.  This poem is quite good.  I love the opening lines: Wasn’t I more truthful/ when all I could do/ was groan?  They way that it suggest that suffering brings more honesty from the individual than success.  and the end, too, when the tin man does not ask for a heart, but to rule Western Oz: and I will never again/ be that man:/ cutting away/ everything/ I was with/ my own ax.  This poem made me think about how blind pursuit of ambition can ruin a person.  How one can become something so separate from where they started.  So here is the poem in full

 Wasn’t I more truthful
when all I could do
was groan?  Though
Dorothy oiled my jaw
so I might speak, how
to tell a girl with silver
shoes, a girl who rides
cyclones, how
could I say what a year
locked inside my
resting tin can self
felt like?  I told her
and the Scarecrow
I wanted a new heart so I
could fall in love again
with the beautiful
Munchkin girl I
had once courted.
But when the Wizard
with his tin snips and sawdust
made me complete,
I wanted
only to rule
the West of Oz.  No one
my dear, sweet
Munchkin, and I bled
no more after
than before,
and I will never again
be that man:
cutting away
I was with
my own ax.

OK, so now that I have typed that out, I recall how typing the work of another poet can inspire.  Also how it encourages us to read closely.  I love when the tin man says that he has no way to describe his time rusting, locked inside himself.  I soooooooo relate to that, tin man, so here is to rusting.


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10 responses to “Gumball Poetry Thursday

  1. I want to know where the closest gumball poetry machine might be! This sounds like so much fun!

    I am very partial to vending machines that give out treats like candy, toys, and—now!—poems. I forced my family to wear temporary tattoos I got out of a machine on Thanksgiving. (I had a cobra.) Wow, just imagine if I had been able to get each of them a poem?

  2. Thanks for sharing that poem. I loved it. I just finished reading Wicked and the poem really resonated in the space that book created.

  3. gel

    I loved the gumball idea, too, but my internet has been in and out, meaning I never saw much of their site. Thanks for posting this poem, especially because I love “The Wizard of Oz”, so much so that I live in “Emerald City”, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in blogland. Plus, we saw “Wicked” last year. What a treat!

    I like your reminder about us learning from others’ work. I’ll be back to read more when I’m not sleep-blogging. 🙂

  4. Nice choice. It’s a poem that I think touches a lot of people. Who’s never felt like that before?

  5. I like the idea of making poetry fun and in our daily life. I tend to be abstract at times and it’s nice to know that some people can really read between the lines.

  6. Yes, that was an interesting poem. Tracey had another poem that was Oz-related as well, if I remember, something about the Cowardly Lion…
    Thanks for your thoughts about it.

  7. the site is a good one isn’t it? poetry and gumballs together just has to invite a person to smile i think.

    “locked inside my resting tin can self”
    that line got me as i read this one…

  8. Hey all, I just wanted to say thanks for reading the thoughts I had about this site, and thank you to the folks at poetry thursday for sharing it with all of us. It rocks.

  9. ps, if you are a life friend, I’d love a box of poetry gumballs for my poetry thursday birthday.

  10. fondakowski

    God I love this poem – it is totally awesome! I am so glad you won the gumball lottery with it!

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