The Journey Here from There

To good searches that found me this week:

Dirty June Cleaver

She wears the crinolines, the hourglass dress.  She wears an apron, her hair is done in rollers, and she wears rubber gloves.  But beneath, it’s all Frederick’s of Hollywood or nothing.  At dinner parties, her feet rove beneath the table searching for others.  The world is lit by her glaring passion, but no one can see it in a black and white world.

I was a mistake

While there are moments when I want to agree with this, I cannot.  I won’t say you are right.  You were not a mistake, but you did make mistakes, and so did I. 

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One response to “The Journey Here from There

  1. “Dirty June Cleaver” is ten kinds of awesome.

    I love it when you post these little scenarios based on searches that led to your blog!

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