maury povich

I love it when people come on his show to prove or disprove paternity.  There is always a guy or two on there who keep pointing out all they ways that these children do not resemble them.  They all seem to live in a world where children are little clones of their fathers.  They act all tuff until the test results are read, and then they feel stupid, or vindicated. 

I read an interesting article in either Glamour or Cosmo (figuring out which would require getting off the couch, and I am not willing to do that just now) about how babies do look more like their fathers at birth.  It is supposedly an evolutionary tactic to encourage new father’s to bond with their children from birth.  Perhaps this is why.  They are avoiding bonding. 

I once heard a guy argue that the baby (a newborn) wasn’t his because it had blue eyes and his were brown.  This ignores that fact that most babies don’t develop eye color until they are about a month or so old.  It also ignores the fact that a brown eyed individual can also carry a blue eyed recessive gene.  Yes, even if that individual is black. 

Some of the guys will talk about how all their other children look like them.  They’ll talk about their four or five other children.  I avoid guys with one kid, but if he has that many and isn’t with any of their mothers, that is a gigantic warning sign.  As large as a billboard.  It floats above their heads… “Not a Good Idea”.  I just want to educate them about why not to or why to date someone. 

But then I remember, I don’t make such great chioces, either, even if they don’t have kids.  But then, I don’t have their kids, nor am I going to start.  At least I can rest assured I am doing that right.  In the mean time, is it a bad idea to go out with someone who asked you out while holding a really big knife? 


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4 responses to “maury povich

  1. Slynne, So funny that you mention this now because I recently saw a Maury Povich show after a long time not being home to catch those kind of shows on TV. It was a paternity show, and I was so glued to the screen! This poor woman was so insistent that this guy was her baby’s daddy (grandma was insistent, too), and when the test came back “You are NOT the father! (applause, screams, laughter)” the mother was heartbroken and tore off the stage sobbing. I felt for her. I feel especially bad for all the mothers who get the proof on TV that the man they thought (hoped) was the baby’s father isn’t, especially when he does a happy dance at the news and acts like an asshole. I want to see someone vindicated, yes, but I hate seeing people mortified on national television.

    As for the really big knife, um… was this person a chef? Then it should be okay.

  2. themiddlemanager

    Maury really only has two shows these days, both incredibly entertaining.

    1.) The paternity show
    2.) The lie detector test show

    He has found a recipe that works, because no matter how many times I see the same “theme” I find myself glued to the end!

  3. Stay away from knife guy unless he is good at chopping onions.

  4. Hey there, well, in his defense, he is a butcher. I think I’ll turn him down anyway. As for good ol povich, I totally agree that he only has 2 shows. And they are both phenominal.

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