Calling up the ghost

Last night, I went to a bar , well, the bar with an old old friend and had a few too many.  I have a hangover this morning.  Her mom sent cash to pay our tab, you know, for the holidays.  How very nice. 

So, we were sitting and having conversations that required illustrations and avoiding the strangely forward guys who hit on people as beautiful as my friend, when we spotted one of those short infomercials on a TV.  For a while, we narrated it, and then we got to talking about an old friend who used to get trashed and order odd things that were only available thru TV offers.  We wondered where she was, and I said that she lived right up above the bar (a joke).  And then we got to talking about how when someone is being weird, it is often hard to spot it at the time.  Well, perhaps not often.  Looking back, though, this girls drinking-then-ordering habits were really odd. 

Anyway, we get to playing a little fuseball (the table was free, and I totally won), and at this point I’m drunk to falling over.  We decide that this will be our last one.  And then, in the strangely large crowd for this bar, we spot her.  The friend who ordered things.  She sees us, too.  She buys us a beer and we have the following conversation:

Girl who Buys Things(gwbt): Hey, guys, what are you up to?  Its been a while…

us: (answer question) We were just thinking about you earlier.  We were saying how great it would be to see you.

gwbt: so where are you two living now?  Isn’t it strange that we are running into each other here?

us: Well, you live just upstairs, right?

gwbt: (looking at us strange, laughs) Wouldn’t that be great, no I live in New York.  I work for (insert major fashion label here).

This is where I get the urge to ask her what odd sorts of things she has bought lately, but don’t, and later I know that I got distracted by the way she has aged at warp speed.  Perhaps due to a wicked smoking habit.

gwbt: so, you know I haven’t spoken to Roomie in forever and a day.  Do you guys have her salsa recipe?

After a little more polite chit chat, she excuses herself.  We run (literally) a lot of the way back to the house.  We are in hysterics over the illustration napkins.  Especially the one of my friend in a ball gown.  Tending sheep.  (that one will have to warrant it’s own post one day.)

Occasionally, I have this ability.  To say, hey, I want to see this person, and have that person just appear.  When I was little, I thought I could read minds.  And tell the future.  One of my ancestors was a famous soothe sayer.  When I was born, my great-great grandma told me stories about her.  She said that I was just like her.  I let her ramblings in and accepted it all when I was young.  I know better now: I am simply blessed by the gods of coincidence. 

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