Ba-da Da, Ba-da Da

I’m not sure what I mean with the title of this post.  Is this a blogger rally of some sort?  Am I trying to pump myself up for the rest of my paltry work day?  Do I not have any idea what I am doing?  Probably the last of these is the truest. 

But then, I never have any idea what I am doing.  I was talking to a friend the other day about the fact that I am a Capricorn.  But I am the Anti-Capricorn.  I am disorganized, I am uncertain about EVERYTHING.  and by everything, I mean everything.  I don’t know what I want for lunch, I don’t know when I want to workout(though I do know that I want to), I don’t know where I am going after work.  I don’t even know what I want out of life.  Do I want to work in social work for forever?  Do I want to be a crazy cat lady?  Do I want to be here a little longer, or do I want to up and ditch all my friends and aquaintances and mysteriously move to another state one day? 

I fake it pretty well, though.  Everyone always thinks that I know more about myself than I really do.  They always think I know what comes next, I know how I feel about every person and thing in my life.  Really, I am lost.  It changes every few seconds.  Ask me a question, no seriously, do it, in the comments.  Ask it again in 12 or more hours, and I’ll answer differently. 

Perhaps a theme song would be helpful.  For those of you wondering, that title is my little homage to Rocky.  I’ve only ever watched the Rocky with Mr. T in it, but I might just go see this one, on video, just because I think the Milo guy who plays his son is kinda cute.  I’m getting too old for this.


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5 responses to “Ba-da Da, Ba-da Da

  1. You and I have a lot of similarities when it comes to being lost. I revel in it, though. It’s good to not know what you want sometimes because you don’t go through life with a pissed off attitude when things happen. You don’t find yourself saying, “That’s not what I wanted.”

    Here’s a question, when is your birthday (not the year)? I’m capricorn too.

  2. Well, now, gypsy, you have asked a question with an answer that I cannot switch up on you. I was born on January 4.

  3. You could say, 1/4. I thought for sure you’d do that. LOL.
    Mine is Jan. 6th. Or as the Europeans write it, 6/4.

  4. Oops, I meant, as the Europeans write it, 6/1.
    See? I’m lost.

  5. I’m a disorganised Capricorn too, but I also fool lots of people. I seem to be thought of as hyper well organised (apart from by my partner, who knows the truth and is another disorganised Capricorn).

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