So, I’ve been out and about a good bit this weekend.  I got a good chance to hang out with my favorite cousin, the pseudo-Inuit.  I went Christmas shopping, and actually finished up.  Very excited, though I did let my little sister choose her gift.  I’ve even wrapped it all.  There’s something else I’ve been up to, too.  I’ve been working on that elusive short story.  A few of you have a little in your in-boxes.  A few have little snippets of it on your voice mail. 

It started while I was in New York.  After I spent the day in a museum and ran, I’d get a cup of coffee and sit and write away.  I needed that physical distance from what I had already written to figure out what sould go next.

I got a little stressed on Friday.  There is something wrong with my phone.  Everyone who knows, is saying, “yeagh, it’s an ancient piece of crap,” about right now.  I wrote a few notes to just about all the people who could possibly want to hear from me, and then gave it up.  I just said, well, I need to just not worry about talking to anyone at all this weekend.  And so, I haven’t.  I’ve gotten a few more calls than I expected, though.  Quite a few more.  Unfortunately, y’all, I was out of the house most of the time.  I’ll get to you soon.  (ps, there is a theory circulating that the “brick” isn’t working because I am getting a new phone for Christmas.  Just a possibility.)

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