Amsterdam Ave.

We left
the Hi-Life bar
after too
many drinks,

and what
did we find
in the crosswalk
lit by the headlights

on taxis
but a little
just perfect

for your portrait.
Later, we would
scrape together
all the coins

in our pockets
for a Christmas tree,

and talk about
how we felt as though
this night was
an O’Henry story,

but then we were
just happy that I carried
a disposable
camera.  I try

to get a passing
woman with bags
of groceries to pose,
but she refuses.

and so you are my one
and only work of art

that night, unless you count 
the way I carried
your tree so the sap
wouldn’t ruin your coat.


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7 responses to “Amsterdam Ave.

  1. This is a wonderful poem. So easy to read, flowing, and full of imagery of christmas and laughter and love and joy. I really enjoyed reading it, thanks.

  2. Young lovers in longing
    that is what I see
    always belonging
    a sweet memory

  3. fondakowski

    This is totally amazing:

    “and so you are my one
    and only work of art”

    I am finding such treasure in this week’s prompt!

  4. hello, all, and thanks for the comments

  5. Jon

    I enjoyed the way that the spareness of the lines conveyed how close to the bone these characters’ experiences were cutting. Only later would layers of meaning interpose–that night it seems it was simply: experience-response. This is really beautiful.

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