Grrr store

Another way I have been found. But what would be in this store if it does, indeed, exist? Is it full of those little things that execuitives keep on their desks? Those little squeezie stress balls and those little balls hanging that hit eachother and then bounce the one on the other side? These are the things those people use when they want to shout a big old Grrr.

Or perhaps it is full of little squeeky things that dogs like to play with. They say grrr a lot.

Or maybe, just maybe, there is a store out there somewhere that is full of things that you can give to people you do not like. Things like fake vomit that is unbelieveably realistic, or shirts that say, “I’m not with stupid, I am stupid”. And you can take loans out in their names there, too. I hope this person found the grrr they were looking for.

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