You said I was a mistake poem

This is the most intriguing search term to find this site in a while.  Is this a teenager who feels like his parents are sick of him.  They ignore him, let him run around town unchecked.  That he likes, but they also ignore his birthdays, forget when he needs things.  There is never food in the house.  The floors haven’t been vacuumed.  He’s never had a pet other than those little goldfish that you get at the fair.

No, he’s too obvious, he doesn’t need to question this.  The person searching for this has had an easy, well provided for life.  His parents attend every school function.  They set their cells to vibrate.  they have dinner in the living room.  There’s just some thing off.  They feel distant, as if instead of just across the room, they were really in another state. 

Or perhaps this isn’t about parents.  This search could be about a lover.  They’ve had a heated argument, and she has told him that she feels that they should never have been together. It started over a trivial thing, dishes in the sink or an empty milk carton, and burst when he called her fat.  She left, and he wants to be gone by the time that she returns.  He’s packed up his toothbrush, his CDs, but he feels the need to remind her.  He searches the internet, chooses a poem to remind her what she’s done, and leaves a copy on the bed.


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3 responses to “You said I was a mistake poem

  1. Fascinating thoughts. This is excellent character writing.

  2. Now, what do you think of thinking a poor literature teacher read it in some bad poem and asked herself whether perhaps Google wouldn’t help in order to get the meaning out of it, obviously falls on your page who perhaps had really the ressources needed in order to obtain an answer. Further: in Spanish you say ‘estar hecho un poema’ (look like a poem), when someone arrives drown in water and dirty to a party, for example (or other accidents). It was perhaps a cuban trying to introduce hispanisms …

  3. Thanks for the comment about character writing, gypsy. I love to sketch out characters, but rarely get them out for walks.

    And thanks for your take on it, too, Sonja. I love wondering about what others were looking for when they typed things into google. and I love the idea about cubans trying to introduce hispanisisms. Also love “look like a poem and am considering using it in daily life.

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