Lies, lies…

This week’s Poetry Thursday prompt has us lying to everyone.  So, I’ve decided to go thru my purse and write a little lying poetry for everything I have in there.  How about it, sounds fun, eh?


First there’s the phone bill
I’ve already paid,                                                                         I’ll mail it today

Then the little orange
journal I draw in every day.                                                  Or when I can.

A pen that’s real silver,
once owned by a queen                                                           Plastic really, but it has a nice sheen

rests under a coin purse
that I bought in France.                                                         If you pronounce Target just right.


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13 responses to “Lies, lies…

  1. GTS

    Wonderful poem! I especially liked your thoughts on the pen. Then again, its not a total lie since a queen really does own it!

  2. This is terrific! We lie to ourselves all the time, right? Why haven’t we thought of lying in our poetry before this? How liberating!

  3. Jim

    Yes, a silly thing, but what fun, too. I just like the idea of dumping out the purse, seeing what it dishes back at you. Thanks!

  4. oh how silly and just great..I see we shop at the same ‘french’ stores..lovely..m

  5. you had me with the first item you pulled out. Except my right hand column would still be a lie.

  6. Hello. I thank you all for reading this one. I just wanted to get the sense of jotting out a little frivolous and funny thing, and I like it pretty well, too.

  7. That made me smile, I can really relate to it. I must pay that bill….

  8. I think this is really successful. I love the italicized responses and the way that they still sort of defend the lies, as if you don’t really feel badly about the lie at all.

  9. I think this is my favorite of the day! I of course love the Target line. But I love the back and forth conversation, mostly because one side seems to supposedly be the “lying side” and the other the “truth side” but neither of them are either of them, really. Very nicely done.

  10. I love the little bits of truth woven in among the story of lies. Fun!

  11. This worked very well. I like the italicized answers to the lies, too. We really do have conversations with ourselves like that, mostly in our minds.

  12. Ha – I really love that last line.

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