People, please

Halloween has barely passed, and I’m retching at the sight of ever Christmas tree. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Grinch.  I have a family that loooooooves their Christmas cheer.  It’s just far, far, far, far, far too early for it.  I mean, some Thanksgiving turkeys haven’t even been killed yet. 

 Stores are already trying to capitalize on our need to show each other how cool we feel we are.  I think that we should all make each other gifts.  Give skits, poems, little goofy, bad paintings.  What do you say to a little virtual exchange of names?  We can all post our gifts to each other.  Perhaps I can get my family to all give each other little slips of paper with wishes written on them. 

No, even I would be disappointed if I didn’t get that yearly wad of cash.  Call me greedy, I guess, but everyone knows that my mother owes me over $1,000.  Christmas is the only way I can get any back.

Now, I will decorate.  I love to put up a silly little metallic tree and tinsel and all that stuff.  Just not before Christmas, people.  Quit trying to rush it. 


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8 responses to “People, please

  1. I dread the day after Thanksgiving because I know all the stores are going to start blasting Christmas carols. I like Christmas carols but in small doses, and one month of them just about kills me. It’s odd — Austin has started putting up Christmas decorations already. There gold tinsel stars on the street lamps. I agree with you completely when you write, “Quit trying to rush it.”

  2. narcoleptic

    Hey, my mom says I’m cool. Honestly though, I’m still a bit broke this year from my hiatus last year. With that said, it’ll be a pauper’s Christmas for “this guy.”

  3. me, too. And that goes for both of you. And while I find a lot of carols and such early on overkill, I do like a “less is more” Christmas. I get a big kick out of seeing what I can get a person for a dollar. And my siblings and I like to see who can get who the strangest, kitchiest gift. ( I have an eye on a lit up version of the painting of “The Last Supper” for my brother and sister-in-law. Got to love thrift stores.) Honestly, I think I like the shopping part more than getting stuff. Too bad I won’t have more cash this year…

  4. My mom is always in a panic over what to get me for Christmas. I always tell her not to buy me anything. I’d love to get something cool from a thrift store or something like a wish on a piece of paper. I think I’ll link this post in a blog entry. Around Christmastime, of course.

  5. count me in on the name exchange

    re: rushing Christmas, I am all for blasting everyone and everywhere with Christmas as early as possible for the enjoyment of all those who are going to die before the actual Christmas day. I think that is why corporations start earlier and earlier with each year – it is not greed but altruism

  6. that makes it kind of like eating your dessert before dinner – y’know, just in case something happens while you’re slurping down soup.

  7. why that is an excellent idea!

  8. i did it once at a restaurant with some friends — we each ordered a dessert and passed each one around the table. then we picked up the menu and figured out what we wanted for dinner.

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