Favorite lines

For Poetry Thursday this week, we’ve been asked to share our favorite lines of poetry.  I often see things in daily life and think of various lines of poetry.  Some I can think of off the top of my head.  Others I have to focus on and look up.  For those of us who really love it, poetry infuses our lives and loads odd little things with meaning. 

I used to have a dark orange-red skirt.  Whenever I wore it, I thought of the opening line of Sylvia Plath’s “Poppies in October”:

Even the sun-clouds this morning cannot manage such skirts

There is a series of photos of myself and friends turning compost. I didn’t realize at the time, but I was the only woman out there.  I had that skirt on, tied up high on my thigh, pitchfork in hand and bare foot.  Turning compost is hard work, backbreaking work.  I recall being the first to start that day.  It needed done.  So, I jumped onto one of the piles and started forking.  The next thing I new, there were a lot of us doing it.  We were laughing and sweaty.  We had a lot of fun that afternoon.

Another favorite line is Adrienne Rich:

a wild patience has brought this far.

This line is so lovely and complex.  I can imagine all sorts of lives that could be described by this line. It always leaves one wanting to write.  And of course, on days like these, I always think of good old Shel Silverstien:

I don’t want to go to school today,
said little suzy ann mckay


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3 responses to “Favorite lines

  1. That skirt does indeed sound just like Plath’s poppies. I’d love to see that picture!

  2. Sometimes I read a poem and don’t understand it until five or ten years later. It’s always amazing when I finally get it, or that I even remembered the poem.

  3. I think I remember lines much more than poems- sometimes meaning something completely different out of the context of the poem. Like reading these now- thank you.

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