Recipe for a Good Day

Start with four giant cups of really good, dark coffee house coffee (preferably Cup O’ Joe Kaldi’s Blend or Latin) and a bagel.  Add a Pinch of local free press paper and write/sketch in your journal. 

Then go to work with coffee jitters.  Take it easy at work and laugh a lot.  You will also need about one and a half inches of rain.  You will need four co-workers to help you stir.  Talk to people about whatever comes up and infuse every idea with meaning.  Say every positive thing that pops into your head aloud, even when you start to sound like a blabbering fool.  Wallow in joy like a chicken leg in a dish of flour dredge. 

Read and get out of work early.

Then accept invitations to hang out with a large group of friends.  Trust their judgement.  Develop a crush and call that person.  Finally, eat Indian food and lasagna.  Say whatever pops into your head. 


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3 responses to “Recipe for a Good Day

  1. I love the part about one and a half inches of rain. I just love the stuff.
    Sounds like somebody had a lot of well deserved fun. You go, you chicken leg, you.

  2. It all sounds good! I hope it’s all true, and really happened in one day…how wonderful.

  3. I was a chicken leg, lol. I think a few co-workers thought I’d lost it, though.

    And twitches, it is true, it is…

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