Sloth and Productivity…

On Saturday, I was, as a friend put it, slovenly.  I lay around on the couch all day listening to the radio.  I didn’t get anything done.  I had all these plans, too.  I was going to clean; I was going to go to the Quarter Horse Congress.  I was going to play video games and make a nice dinner. 

Sloth is never lonely, though.  I can’t blame the friend I was slovenly with.  I was looking for an excuse to do exactly what I did.  And I also wasn’t feeling too great all day.  It payed off, though.

After slovenly Saturday, I had a very productive Sunday.  I ran.  I ran pretty well, too.  I felt fast.  I washed laundry.  I washed all the dishes and cleaned the counters.  And the microwave.  I worked on the story I’ve been avoiding. 

So, friend, you see that sloth wasn’t so bad.  I actually think it was good. 

Speaking of the story, I did great work on it.  I really think that taking that time away from it clarified the vision I had.  It is heading off on an interesting path.  It recently turned a corner, went over the river, and is intering into the woods.  Soon, this story will be approaching Grandmother’s house. 

While I never have trouble finishing a poem, I often have trouble wrapping a story up.  I’ve said that a hundred times.  Because of this bad history with ending things, I get really excited when I get close to finishing.  I just need to keep focused. 


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2 responses to “Sloth and Productivity…

  1. I agree, sometimes sloth is good. Plus, it’s such a great word!

  2. I have days just like this, million things to do and nothing gets done. I sit around all day and sloth around and think that the rest of my life for sure will be just like this. Next day, zing, I get my things done. And finish scenes that weren’t working.

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