Oh, goodness

I blinked and fall had come and gone already.  Well, almost.  There are still leaves in the air and on the ground.  Pumpkins still line the front entrance to the grocery store.  But the air feels like winter.

It’s too dry, and the house is too cold.  I rub my hands together a lot.  I like winter, but I’m not prepared for it mentally yet.  I need to adjust to the thought that it is here.  I need to launder my wool sweaters and get reaccustomed to wintery perfumes.  I need to get a few decorations, too.  Like a jack-o-lantern, perhaps one of those paper cut outs of a cornucopia. 

I also need to start setting money aside for the gifts I like to give to friends and family.  Pop-up books for my niece and nephew.  (I get a Sabuda for them every year).  Silly little thrift store trinkets for my sister.  Something kitchy for my brother.  They all know what I’ll get, so it’ll be no suprize reading it here.

Grr, why do these things always sneak up on me every year?

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One response to “Oh, goodness

  1. It’s not even hit 60 degrees here yet…and I’m already stockpiling the gifts. There’s still time, girl, there’s still time!

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